5 Mindful Festive Activities For You To Do With Your Children

5 Mindful Festive Activities For You To Do With Your Children

Festivities can be a time of overwhelm but they can also serve the perfect opportunity for you to teach your kid mindful activities.
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The entire holiday season offers a special chance for friends and family to unwind, spend time together, and take part in enjoyable Christmas activities. From having a game night with the family around the fireplace to preparing incredibly wonderful treats, Christmas is one of the rare times of year when we can take a break from the mundanity of life and spend time with friends and family. There is no better time to teach children the joy of giving and to instill the spirit of Christmas than during the holiday season, when they eagerly anticipate it. These mindful activities can help you get started.

5 Amazing Mindful Christmas Activities That You Can Try With Your Little Ones 

1. Christmas Yoga 

Any simple yoga asana may be made into a winter-themed one with a small word change. Posing like a tree? Pose like a Christmas tree. Mountain stance? Create a snow-capped mountain. The stance of a candy cane can be a fold. Think outside the box. 

2. Bake Christmas Goodies 

You can encourage your kid to prepare cookies for a special relative; it can be their favourite aunt, cousin, or grandparents. Encourage your young child to come up with different baking ideas and assist her or him in baking. This is one of the mindful activities that will inculcate the joy of cherishing good food in your child.


3. Donate To Charity 

When people do good deeds without expecting anything in return that’s how children learn about the Christmas spirit. Donations don’t necessarily have to be tangible things. You can spend time with the elderly or youngsters in an orphanage by asking your kids to plan a Christmas party for them. 

4. Mindful Hot Chocolate 

One of the Christmas customs that a family can enjoy the most is shutting off all the lights, cuddling up on the couch with a hot chocolate, and watching a movie as the tree lights glitter in the distance. The best Christmastime delight is frequently found in those small, intimate moments of connection. 

5. Mindful Handmade Greeting Cards 

Encourage your child to create easy holiday cards at home to send to loved ones who live far away or whom he hasn’t seen in a while. When the card arrives in their mailbox, the receiver will be overjoyed. 

There is no better time to take a step back and think than during the season that represents the end of a year and the start of a new one. It is also a good opportunity to impart to kids the importance of taking time to enjoy simple pleasures and discover the true meaning of Christmas. 

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