8 Ways To Beat Monday Morning Blues

8 Ways To Beat Monday Morning Blues

Did you know that anxiety about again starting work on Monday morning kicks in at around 3:58pm on Sunday?
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Today, stressing about Monday as our Sunday comes to a close has become a lifestyle pattern. According to a recent survey carried out on 2,000 adults, about 88 percent experienced the classic Monday morning blues. The anxiety about starting another workweek on Monday sets in at around 3:58pm on Sunday. It is known as ‘future tripping’ in psychological terms. This means, there’s a tendency to think a lot about the impending work much ahead of time. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the forthcoming workweek can greatly affect our sleeping patterns and eating habits. Besides, the quality of work suffers and it makes us less productive. Here are eight ways to tackle these anxiety pangs.

Identify and jot down the reason

Monday morning blues need to be taken seriously and not looked at as simply a new-age lifestyle pattern. Identify the reason of this feeling each weekend. Jot down the cause, it helps. What makes you dread Mondays? Is it a difficult co-worker or senior? Is it that presentation you’ve been working on? Is it a non-challenging job? Assess the cause and have a talk with your superior about it. It will help you take charge of the situation and improve it.

Be grateful for what you have

Every job has its pros and cons; list down what you like about yours. Do you like your work? Does it satisfy you? Are you learning something new but aren’t paid well? There would be some cons but you need to tick the boxes with the pluses. Count your gains and be thankful that you have a job that mostly satisfies you. Thank the Universe by putting it down in your diary. Remember, there are many who don’t even have a job to experience the feeling of Monday anxiety.

Give your thoughts a positive spin
Give your thoughts a positive spin | Image: File Image
Get in a positive mood

Before the feeling of overwhelm starts setting in on Sunday, make a list of things that you enjoy at your workplace. Try to put the difficult or dreary tasks at the back of your mind. Jot down at least three things that you look forward to at work. This should put you in a positive frame of mind. When you reach work, avoid complaining and stay away from other people’s gripes. Get to work with a smile and energy and create a culture of positivity.

Unplug from work during the weekend

Most of us have our work email on our cellphones. This naturally tempts us to check it time and again during the weekend as well. We say, avoid. Checking work mails, voicemails, is highly discouraged. Set your boundaries and leave your work-related issues at office when you wrap up work. Use your weekend for personal time and unwind to come back fresh for a new week.

Planning ahead is helpful
Planning ahead is helpful | Image: File Image
Pre-plan during the weekend

This may contradict the above point, but another school of thought believes that planning your Monday during the weekend helps. It eases the stress of the workload to tackle on Monday morning. Things such as selecting clothes, ironing, deciding on breakfast and lunch, that upcoming presentation should be planned during the weekend. Prioritise everything beforehand and you are sorted to start a fresh week. Plus, it gives you psychological and emotional satisfaction.         

Keep it light and sleep well

Try to keep your Sunday as light as possible. Packing in a lot on Sunday, even if it’s housework or other activities would make you feel tired and lethargic on Monday. Relax and slow down to feel refreshed on Monday. Also, go to bed early on Sunday night to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep makes you feel well-rested and you will feel energised for the coming week.

Get refreshed with some meditation
Get refreshed with some meditation | Image: File Image
Schedule some ‘me time’

Wake up about 15-20 minutes before your regular time, which will make you feel rejuvenated. It eases out the process of going back to work. You don’t feel trapped in a time crunch, which makes the transition from relaxed to work mode easier. Use this time to meditate, walk your dog, go for a walk, or workout. These activities will calm and center your mind. This will help you focus better and also motivate you for the day ahead.

Indulge yourself

Treat Monday as your day of appreciation in terms of food. Treat yourself and indulge in your favourite breakfast and lunch. Good food is a natural mood lifter and will put you in a good mood. Pack a delicious lunch or go to your favourite restaurant and indulge in your favourite cuisine. Schedule a post-work evening with a friend and enjoy doing whatever makes you happy. This will set a positive tone for the entire week.

Remember, being grumpy on Monday can also rub off on others and make their day unpleasant. Do yourself and others a favour, adopt these tips and start your Mondays with a bang.

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