9 Organic Wellness And Beauty Products That You Must Try This Winter Season

9 Organic Wellness And Beauty Products That You Must Try This Winter Season

Here are 10 new products that we absolutely love!
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Give yourself the best of everything in 2021. Start off by trying out these new organic wellness and beauty products that we are absolutely loving. Here are 10 new products for a new you this year.  

Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator – The Body Shop  

Having trouble with oily and blemished skin? The Body Shop’s Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator is just the right thing. Unmoisturised skin tends to produce more oil. With this new hydrator made with natural salicylic acid give your skin proper and balanced hydration that it requires.   

Available at: The Body Shop  

Price: ₹990  

Pahadi Rose Face Mist – Junaili  

It is made with the unparalleled qualities of essential oils procured from the ‘damask’ rose grown in the Kumaon and Garhwal regions. The astringent and antiseptic properties of the mist not only treat acne but also skin redness and scars.    

Available at: Junaili  

Price: ₹531  

Facial Glow & Anti-Tan Ubtan Clay Mask – Khadi Essentials   

Turmeric, besan and sandalwood are age-old treatments for healthy skin. Khadi Essentials brings a unique blend of these timeless ingredients to give you a product that won’t fail to amaze you. Turmeric naturally exfoliates and removes skin tan. Besan and mustard oil give flawless and clear skin. While the mixture of cucumber and neem cleanses the skin deeply and reduces acne, sandalwood soothes the skin and gives it a smooth touch.   

Available at: Khadi Essentials  

Price: ₹469  

Australian Sandalwood & Myrrh Night Cream – Juicy chemistry   

Looking for a new night time regime for your dry skin? This magical blend by Juicy Chemistry is perfect for you. Pomegranates and carrot-seeds are packed with anti-oxidants which rejuvenate the skin deeply. The blend of shea butter and lavender oil help you sleep better. Use this night cream every day before sleeping to get toned, moisturised, soft, and supple skin.   

Available at: Juicy Chemistry  

Price: ₹600  

Ginger Scalp Serum – The Body Shop   

Tired of bad hair days? This addition to The Body Shop’s already popular Ginger haircare collection will get rid of everyday hair trouble for you. Helping you nourish the scalp by soothing out the dryness, the Ginger Scalp Serum helps you rebalance and rejuvenate your hair. Give your hair the best nourishment and feel the confidence of having a good hair day every day!   

Available at: The Body Shop  

Price: ₹1400  

Turmeric And Saffron Cream – Ohria Ayurveda  

An enriching blend of ghee made with cow milk, amla, sandalwood and other herbs, this cream rejuvenates the skin from within. Its anti-inflammatory nature deeply hydrates and induces a luminous glow to the skin. It also acts as a natural sun shield.   

Available at: Ohria Ayurveda   

Price: ₹990  

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Hair Cleanser – Khadi Natural  

This bamboo and charcoal activated hair cleanser by Khadi Naturals is perfect for deep cleansing and exfoliation. Made with reetha, amla, aloe vera and other nourishing ingredients, it helps repair hair damage and restores strength. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and welcome hair growth with this incredible product by Khadi Natural.   

Available at: Khadi Natural  

Price: ₹375  

Natural Makeup Range – Forest Essentials  

This natural and 100 percent organic makeup range from Forest Essentials is an absolute delight. It currently includes Tinted Lip Serum Madhu Rasa which is available in four different tints, Gulaab Jal, Anar Rasa, Misri Cardamom, Coconut Kesar and the Gulaab Khaas Kajal available in three colours, Ash Grey, Charcoal Black, and Earth Brown. These are made without any chemical preservatives and are 100 percent natural and Ayurvedic. This natural makeup look is perfectly suited for the Indian skin.   

Available at: Forest Essentials  

Price: Madhu Rasa Tinted Lip Serum: ₹1295  

Gulaab Khaas Kajal: ₹775                                                                           

Navami Natural Make-Up Remover – Navami Wellness  

Removing makeup can be a trying task especially after a tiring day. And the night time skin-care routine doesn’t seem tempting at all. Navami Natural Make-Up Remover also acts as an oil-based moisturiser for the post makeup skin and is more effective than other water-based makeup removers. It is perfect for those times when you’ve pulled off long days and are tired to follow your usual night skincare routine.  

Available at: Navami India   

Price: ₹600  

It’s time to give yourself the care and the attention that you deserve!

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