How To Feel More Balanced During Covid-19

How To Feel More Balanced During Covid-19

While physical health is of utmost important right now, let’s talk about mental health
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It’s easy to feel now more than ever that the time of your hands isn’t sufficient enough to fit all the tasks but while you’re managing to juggle working from home and other responsibilities, this is the best time to create space to fit in self-care in this routine. Life feels far from what normal used to give yourself a break and acknowledge the fact that your mood may feel off, stress level may seem increased or your digestion is being troubling.

Fortunately, a small few steps can help improve your mental health.

Eat for Calmness
Watermelon is nature's cooler
Watermelon is nature’s cooler | Image: File Image

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce anxiety. Eating cooling foods with a higher water content like cucumber, watermelon, zucchini and avocado can also promote calmness.

Attempt Cognitive Distancing

Spiralling down a path of thoughts can only add to your anxiety. Think of these thoughts as guesses, a way for your mind to protect yourself by predicting a situation. Ask yourself instead, “How likely is it that this situation will end badly?”, “Will I get anything good out of it?” Come to a conclusion based on your past experiences to figure out a plan and not go round in circles.

Focus on Your Digestion

Learn to read your body and the foods that you’re consuming. Avoid foods that contain high amounts of salt or sugar and instead include foods that are easy to digest like rice, soups, and broth. Avoid overloading your stomach and stop when you feel two-thirds full. This will keep your gut healthy, helping to maintain the equilibrium of your body.

Movement and Breath
Take out time from your schedule to exercise
Take out time from your schedule to exercise | Image: File Image

Research has proven that a little movement can help you feel more mentally and physically grounded. A simple sun salutation a day or thirty minutes to an hour of any form of exercise, may it be yoga, pilates, cardio, cycling, etc, can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. Furthermore, try a quick breathing exercise or simply practice taking deep breaths to stop yourself from feeling anxious and get back to a relaxed state.

Talk to a Friend

A great way to process all the emotions that you’re feeling right now is to confide in a good friend. Moreover, this can help you attain a fresh perspective and be flooded with alternative ideas that you weren’t capable of thinking in an anxious state. The feeling of being unburdened even if they’re by your thoughts can be a liberating one.

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