Planning A Budget Trip? You Should Check Out This Deal

Planning A Budget Trip? You Should Check Out This Deal

Travelkaroo’s one of a kind deal makes sure you have a great trip without burning a hole in your pocket.
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Want to travel but short on funds? We’ve got your covered. Let travel be your therapy this year and let Travelkaroo be your travel partner.

After a very tumultuous 2020, we’re sure you’re looking for an escape from city life. As Mr Sarkar, the CEO of Travelkaroo says, “travelling has a tremendous impact on your mental well-being,” and we couldn’t agree more.

So, what so special about Travelkaroo?

Travelkaroo lets you avail 50 percent loan on the actual cost of a flight ticket. There are other websites that offer easy EMIs on credit cards, but Travelkaroo brings to you this offer even if you don’t have a credit card. “With some simple documentation to process, travellers can avail EMIs. This finance service is unique and is launched for the first time in India,” says Mr Sarkar.

Travelling sets your soul free | Image: File Image

But why travel?

After spending months at home working from home and managing household chores, taking a break and travelling is surely on everyone’s mind. “People will always want to travel, probably more so after the pandemic than ever before, with a newfound appreciation for relaxation,” he adds.

Travelling right now means much more than a vacation, “it changes you physically and psychologically; it opens our minds, keeps us stress-free and boosts happiness and satisfaction in life,” he says.

What about travel restrictions?

Follow the safety guidelines while travelling | Image: File Image

“Although constraints are still in place, travel is slowly starting up again,” says Mr Sarkar. In the light of which, the public health guidelines have to be followed at all times. Face masks are mandatory, and you should maintain a minimum of six feet distance in public places.

You can also check out the state-wise air-travel regulations here.

Travel safe, travel a lot, and have an adventurous 2021!

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