Start Your Day With A Morning Meditation Practice

Start Your Day With A Morning Meditation Practice

The wonderful health benefits and tips on how to inculcate it in your daily even if you’re not a morning person.
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Your morning sets the mood for the day. Start it with intention and see how your productivity grows. Most people are slowly becoming mindful of their morning routines and prefer to seize the day by taking charge of the AM.  

Developing a morning meditation routine can alter your life for the better and introduce a positive change in your everyday. But to do it the right way, you need to commit to the practice and follow along patiently as it takes some time to regulate your thoughts and emotions.  

Why should you meditate in the morning?  

With our lives getting busier by the day as we take on more responsibilities, more and more people are getting swept into the wave of early burnout. But what if there was a magic pill that could prevent this from happening? While meditation does work like a magic pill that reduces your stress, increases your focus, trains you to be more patient and more, it’s a pill that you need to consume every single day, consistently to see substantial results.   

Your day may start with the blare of an alarm or your dog barking to be let out and then the routine immediately calls for you to throw yourself into the workings of the day. But imagine taking 5-10 minutes between waking up and your rush-rush 10 AM meeting to meditate. If you break the pattern and introduce meditation into your routine, you will set a calm, mindful and productive tone for the day. Dialling down on the stress and giving your mind and body some time to relax at the start of the day can quiet the stress and pressure constantly swirling around you. Plus, mornings have a wonderfully serene and quiet nature that proves their supremacy.  

Another great reason to meditate in the morning is that you’ll actually do it. It’s harder to come up with excuses in the morning and finding a moment of peace and quiet as soon as you wake up seems like an easier possibility than doing the same in the middle or at the end of the day. Afternoons always seem a bit rushed with the impending pressure of a to-do list while evenings are a time to unwind and meditations could be the furthest thing from your mind then.  

Why morning meditations are good for your health?  

A morning meditation practice can do wonders for your focus as soon as you wake up in the morning and can even regulate your stress levels throughout the day. Meditation first thing in the morning can also help set an intention for the rest of your day and help you tackle your to-dos with a clear and energized mood. A few other benefits are as follows:  

1. Lowers stress and anxiety levels  

If you’re someone who feels anxiety regarding the rest of your day and are easily overwhelmed by your daily to-do list then meditation in the morning can positively impact the rest of your day. By reducing amygdala reactivity, the brain calms your stress response and helps you manage your anxiety.  

2. Improves mood  

By starting your day with a calm meditation session, you’ll feel your mood boost positively. Inculcating a healthy morning routine that includes morning meditations followed by ritualistic morning habits can translate into positive benefits in larger portions of your life.  

3. Boosts productivity and focus  

Did you know that Oprah Winfrey includes meditation in her morning routine to set the mindset for the day? If Oprah can do it, so can you. Research has proven that meditation increases focus and your levels of productivity, especially when practiced in the morning. A morning meditation session can help you be more effective at work and help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.  

How can I practice morning meditation?  

Now that we’ve established why morning meditations are so crucial for our wellbeing, let’s look at the different techniques. First and foremost, decide where you would like to conduct the practice. In your bed, on a chair, sitting in your balcony, anywhere you please. Next, find a soft cushion or a seat and get yourself acquainted with the space around you. Now comes the question, what type of morning meditation would work for you. There are several different techniques and we’ve listed three beneficial ones that you can try out.  

  • Mindfulness meditation  

Mindfulness meditation encourages focusing on a deep inhale and a cleansing exhale. And what better time to be mindful than in the morning. Doing this practice for at least 5 minutes a day or as long as 30 minutes can help clear your mind before the day starts. Remember to stay aware of your chest or belly movements.  

Here’s a wonderful slow meditation routine for morning positivity.  

  • Gratitude meditation  

Gratitude practices have proven to increase feelings of happiness and positivity. Not only that but it decreases stress and also improves overall wellbeing. The practice starts with finding a spot to sit still in and taking 10 deep breaths. As your breath becomes regulated, you start thinking of three things you’re thankful for today. Then you spend the next 5-10 minutes giving gratitude to these aspects of your life, releasing positive energy into the atmosphere and ending the session with 10 deep breaths.  

  • Walking meditation  

A 10-minute walking meditation session begins with focusing on your body and its sensations for 1 minute. The movement of your limbs, the feelings of your breath, the sensation of the cold morning air, the songs of the birds. This encourages you to slow down and take one step at a time. The next 9 minutes are spent focusing on each footstep, the feel of the ground underneath, the sensation in your toes as your foot touches the ground, the whole process bringing you to the present moment. 

A few tips on how you can make the most of your morning meditation:  

  • Find your comfort: It’s highly advisable that you take the time to find the process that’s most comfortable for you. Let it feel like a ritual rather than a forced habit. Let your body flow into a state of meditativeness instead of pushing it to do so.  
  • Keep away from distractions: Try to keep yourself free during those 5-10 minutes you meditate. If you need it, shower beforehand, have breakfast but try meditating as soon as you wake up. And ensure that you’re not reaching for your phone or tablet first thing.  
  • Stay consistent: Ensure that you’re waking up at the same time every day. This will set your body into a seamless routine and you’ll keep up the meditation practice. But don’t stress yourself if you wake up late one day. Just make sure that you still practice meditation and reap the benefits.  
  • Be kind to yourself: It’s okay if you miss a day or two. It’s okay if you’re not in a mental state to meditate. Don’t be hard on yourself. Self-awareness begins with yourself and if you show yourself kindness, you’ll bounce back with renewed commitment and vigour. Just trust the process.  

Set the tone for the start of every week with this calming video.  

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