The Meaning Of Tayata Om Mantra & Its Benefits

The Meaning Of Tayata Om Mantra & Its Benefits

Tayata Om Mantra is a Buddhist mantra that replaces resentment with gratitude and joy.
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“Tayata Om, Bekandze Bekandze, Maha Bekandze, Radza Samudgate Soha” means “May the many sentient beings who are sick, be freed from sickness soon. And may all the sicknesses of beings never arise again.”  

Tayata Om Mantra is also known as the Medicine Buddha Mantra. Reciting the mantra detaches the mind from overwhelming negative thoughts, the traumas of the past, and the fear of uncertainty. By listening to this Buddhist mantra, you learn to breathe in all the joy and gratitude towards our lives and breathe out all the bitterness and suffering of the past.  

The Meaning of Tayata Om Mantra 

Tayata means carried beyond Samsara and Nirvana while Om is the source energy of the Universe. Bekandze means eliminating pain, Maha Bekandze means great elimination of pain. The first Bekandze refers to eliminating the pain of true suffering, not just of disease but of all problems from the mind and body while the second Bekandze eliminates all true causes of suffering which are not external but within the mind, referring to spiritual suffering. Maha bekandze means the great eliminator of all pain and suffering, that is Medicine Buddha. Radza Samudgate refers to the kind, or the most Divine, whose wisdom is as wide as the ocean and Soha means pure devotion, intention, or inner being.  

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What are the Benefits of Chanting Tayata Om Mantra?  

  • Cleans negativity  
  • Heals past trauma  
  • Detach from disturbing and traumatic incidents  
  • Helps healing  
  • Soothes pain from depression  

Reciting the mantra leaves imprints on our mind, so that we are also able to actualize the path contained in the mantra. It establishes the blessing of the whole path within our heart; we can then generate the whole graduated path to enlightenment.  

To stabilize your path towards serenity, try this relaxing meditation.

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