The Perfect Type Of Meditation Based On Your Age

The Perfect Type Of Meditation Based On Your Age

Wondering which meditation suits you best depending on your age? Well, read on to find out.
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A grounding lifestyle tool that helps us connect with ourselves on a deeper level, meditation is an effective way to relieve stress and promote self-awareness. It can be practically done anywhere, anytime and by anyone but if you’re a novice to the practice, knowing about the different type of meditation and how they help you can lead you to find the perfect match for yourself.  

1. Meditation for Preschoolers  

Age 3-4 is a wonderful age to get kids started on meditation. They are just developing their power of focus and attention and wish to learn about new things around them. Use this chance to take your child on a journey through meditation; guide them gently to better understand their body, the sensations coursing through their body and their inner world.  

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Natasha DS’s meditation titled “What Is My Inner Voice” on the app approaches this wonderfully by describing what an inner voice is to your child. Your child’s inner voice is the feeling or voice inside that guides him/her on what to do. In this meditation, Natasha will show them how they can make better decisions and trust themselves.  

2. Meditation for Big Kids  

As kids grow older, they dislike being told what to do especially by their parents. Music is a great way to reach them as it can have a profoundly calming effect on teens. Of course, your child could have their own personal preference and could like a guided meditation or chanting as a way of calming down. At such a developing age, incorporating meditation music and sound healing can restore parts of the body that are imbalanced.  

Image | File has an array of healing sounds on the app including 3D sounds, ambient sounds, chants, nature melodies, relaxing music, Indian healing sounds, solfeggio frequencies as well as Indian Ragaas for you and your child to pick from.  

3. Meditation for College Students  

College students who wish to handle their whole life better can practice guided gratitude meditation. It’s natural to feel anxious about exams but sometimes turning off the negative thoughts can be difficult, leading to poor performance. Meditation can instil confidence, improve focus and invoke a balanced view of life, allowing students to face exams with a level head.  

TRM Master Vidisha Kaushal creates a beautiful, guided meditation for students titled “Release Stress and Regain Calm.” Before you commence studying, take out a few minutes every day to meditate away from all forms of disturbances. Relax your mind and concentrate all your energy to focus on the task you’re doing right now to inculcate improved concentration.  

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4. Meditation for Grown-Ups 

In these busy times, most of us are overworked, underpaid and on our way to a mid-life burnout. It doesn’t help that it feels like we’re running in a never-ending race while being undervalued for the work that we do. While juggling work and life, we must also worry about keeping friendships, building relationships, finding love, investing money and much more.  

World-renowned spiritual guide BK Shivani has the ultimate meditation to calm your chaotic mind titled “Overcoming Overthinking.” Give yourself permission to be still for a moment. Let her lead you into a world of tranquillity and inner silence that comes with each inhale and exhale.  

5. Meditation for Parents  

Mindfulness helps us navigate the journey of parenting effortlessly. Yes, there will be fumbles and falls but awareness and being present can help during times of uncertainty and change. Parents lead by example and embracing mindful techniques yourself first will teach your child to embrace the same, invoking a sense of calm, confidence and appreciation. Adults also, in their journey to be better parents, struggle to juggle being an evolving life partner.  

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Meditation can also help you handle a relationship crisis. Master Nishtha Bijlani creates the perfect meditation titled “Improve Relationships” that leads to meaningful conversation and mutual respect as it allows you to work on yourself individually before coming back together with truths you’ve discovered.  

Bottom Line 

There is no right or wrong age for meditation, anyone and everyone can do it. There’s something for everyone; those looking for spiritual growth, for individuality, for focus, consciousness, for those looking to better their relationships, for those trying to be better children, students and much more. The insights we gain from our practice are personal to us and invaluable.  

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