Understanding Sorrow: Second Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

Understanding Sorrow: Second Of The Four Pillars Of Buddha

Our thoughts are the main reason for our sorrow. Read on to know how Buddha explains how you can overcome sorrow.
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Always longing for more 

Of the four Aryan truths that Gautama Buddha has spoken of, the first is ‘grief’ and the second is ‘dukh-samudaya’, that is, the cause of sorrow. Gautama Buddha not only told that human life is full of sorrows but has also given the reason for these sorrows. These reasons are internal rather than external which are connected to our desires and thoughts. 

Identify the reasons 

The ‘dukh-samudaya’ which is explained in the Arya Truth of Gautama Buddha, means the rise of sorrow, that is, the cause of sorrow. Man is unhappy, but why? If nothing happens without reason, then sorrow cannot be unprovoked. According to Buddha, the biggest cause of sorrow is greed and longing which is unlimited. It has also been called ‘Trishna’, which means thirst. This thirst is always to get more in life, which never ends, and this makes a person unhappy. 

You are the reason of your own sorrow 

This statement of Gautam Buddha is very meaningful even in the present time. We aren’t satisfied with what we have and always want to get more. Today, if you get a good job, you will be happy for a few days, but after that you are sad again for not getting enough salary or not getting that promotion. If the promotion is also given, then there is the desire to go to a higher position and such aspirations are endless, only then our sufferings also have no end, because there is no limit to our desires and longings. 

Often people say that I am unhappy because of such a person or circumstances, but Buddha believes that the real cause of unhappiness is the thoughts. Have you ever thought that the cause of your suffering are you yourself. My friend got a good job, a neighbour went abroad, thinking of things like someone’s lottery, you are often sad, but is it someone else’s fault? No, you are unhappy thinking unnecessary thoughts, if you stop thinking about it, then you do not feel sad, that is the reason for your overall thoughts. The person who thinks positive and good about others is not unhappy. 

How to change your thoughts? 

– For positive thinking, it is important to stay away from greed, jealousy, hatred. 

– Have an attitude of love and positivity towards everyone. 

– Do mindful meditation daily, it will help you to control unnecessary thoughts and keep your mind calm. 

– Stay away from negative talkers. 

– Focus on your life instead of others and try to improve it. Read good books for this. 

– Along with meditation, therapy also helps to change negative thoughts. You can take help of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy etc. 

– Make a list of the things that make you unhappy and analyze yourself whether this is really the cause of your sorrows or have you just accepted it? 

Happiness and sorrow are like two sides of the same coin, which cannot be changed, but many times we become unhappy after thinking useless things. In such a situation, identifying the causes of grief. Doing this will help you overcome it.  

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