Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

‘The day of love’ has a very interesting history behind it.
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February 14 is when people around the globe commemorate and treasure the most important people in their lives. We share chocolates, special dinners, or doily cards with our loved ones. Be it the partner, best friend, and even a family member, Valentine’s Day is all about love and the beloved.

But why do we celebrate it?

Saint Valentine was supposedly a Roman priest who performed secret weddings against the wishes of the authorities in the third century. He healed his captor’s blind daughter, before being tortured and decapitated on February 14, he sent the girl a note signed “Your Valentine.”

This Saint Valentine wore a ring with a Cupid on it a symbol of love that helped soldiers recognise him. And, in a precursor to greeting cards, he handed out paper hearts to remind Christians of their love for God.

It was mostly only celebrated in the United States and Britain. Before the 18th century. It was mostly about exchanging gifts, gloves and spoons were traditional and being someone’s valentine for a whole year.

What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day?

The meaning of Valentine’s Day is truly whatever you want it to be: You can skip the celebrations completely, buy yourself some chocolate or flowers, or express your love and appreciation for the people in your life, whether they’re co-workers, partners, friends, or family members. Some people love Valentine’s Day, and some people just love to hate it.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do on Valentine’s Day, just know that there are no rules. It’s a new era, and you can celebrate the day of love however you want, even if it’s just through self-love. A nice dinner out, going to the movies, cooking a fancy meal at home, or hosting a Valentine’s Day party are also great ways to celebrate! Celebrate this day of love with the people you love – your friends, family, or a partner, and create timeless memories!

So, what do you plan to do this Valentine?

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