Simple ways to express your love to your partner

Simple ways to express your love to your partner

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Love may be defined in different ways for different people. There will always be innumerable ways to show your love to your partner. Though at times actions speak louder than words, communicating is the key to any healthy successful relationship.  If you want to maintain a loving, healthy relationship, then one needs to understand why it is important to express your love to your partner.

Different perspectives on why it is important to express your love and how to do so

1. Being kind and respectful

Showing your partner kindness and respect ensures that your love will be known indefinitely.

2. The power of simple touch

Expressing love by a mere touch, like holding hands can go a long way. Holding hands in public is a way of making your partner feel confident and special.

3. Helping with chores

Lending a helping hand in the various chores throughout the day simply shows your partner that you acknowledge and respect the hard work he/she puts in. And that you care enough to ensure that he/she is not burdened by it. Even if it’s just lending a hand to carry a bag, it is extremely meaningful and increases mutual love and respect manifold.

4. Listening to your partner

Listening carefully to what your partner has to say is an effective way of showing your love, and this one of the prime examples of why it is important to express your love. Listening intently shows your better half that you care how his/her day went, or what is in their hearts or minds. It shows you care enormously.

5. Writing to your partner

The art of writing, be it a poem or a simple letter, goes a long way. It is important to express your love this way, as the receiver feels nice and appreciates the effort you put in it, especially in the digital age, where all we do is send emails/texts.

6. Spending time together
why is it important to express your love
Why is it important to express your love to your partner? | Image: File Image

Spending some time alone with your significant partner, means you get to focus on the person and relationship itself, like doing something fun together, like watching a movie or just having a dinner and a chat.

7. Handling disagreements carefully

Any healthy relationship is accompanied by disagreements. But it is essential to remember that even in those disagreements or squabbles, it is important to express your love and not make your partner feel humiliated or small. Any negative talk or behaviour may damage the relationship. Expressing forgiveness is also an important part of this whole concept.

It is very easy to simply say I love you, but treating your partner with indignation the rest of the day, just makes it futile and hollow. It should be known to each and every individual why it is important to express your love in the correct way to your spouse. This valentine’s day, don’t just shower your partner with flowers and gifts. Show her/him how much you care about them and your relationship.


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