Why You Should Never Eat Curd And Brinjal At The Same Time?

Why You Should Never Eat Curd And Brinjal At The Same Time?

Eating healthy foods can still be bad for your health if not paired correctly.
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If you thought that eating healthy foods is enough to maintain your health, we’ve got news. According to Ayurveda, combining foods with certain traits causes as much harm to the body as eating unhealthy foods. Why? Because they disrupt our digestive process and lead to stomach issues, nausea, fatigue, and gas, among others.

The best to avoid all of this is to avoid eating all these foods together.

Water + Food

The digestive acids in the stomach are at their peak when we’re eating. When we keep sipping water, it dilutes these acids, resulting in improper digestion. It’s best to have water half an hour before or after a meal. Likewise, with fruits, drinking water after having fruits can cause belly pain, gas and cold.

Banana + Milk

A not so healthy smoothie combination | Image: File Image

A chilled banana milkshake is everyone’s favourite, right? According to Ayurveda, this combination is a toxic blend that is very heavy on our stomach and can slow down our mind. Better yet, if you love it, make sure that the banana is overripe and add cardamom or nutmeg to help with digestion. 

Tomatoes + Cucumbers

Yes, this staple salad duo is actually bad for you. Believe it or not, they can mess up the biological pathways of our body. Since they have different digestion time, it confuses the system, and ideally should never be combined.

Fruit + Meals

A lot of us would have swapped a fruit in place of dessert after meals, as an attempt to be healthy. But having fruit on a full stomach does more harm than good. They hardly require any time to digest, which causes the other food to stay in the stomach for a long time. You can have fruits either in the morning, or at least 30 minutes before your meals.

Curd + Onion/Radish/Brinjal

Onion and curd can cause skin problems | Image: File Image

According to Ayurveda, having dairy products with any vegetable can be harmful. But curd and brinjal cause major disturbances in digestive enzymes. And combining curd with radish or onion can cause skin diseases. This is because curd is cold in nature, and these veggies produce heat in the body, leading to various skin allergies.

Healthy on its own, and harmful when combined, be careful not to mix them while you dine!

Now that you know what to avoid, here are 5 food combinations that reap maximum benefits when eaten together.

Rice + Lentils

Leafy Greens + Tomatoes

Almonds + Yogurt

Pistachios + Raisins

Milk + Honey

Choose the right food combinations, choose health!

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