World’s First, Or Probably The Universe’s First Space Hotel To Open In 2027

World’s First, Or Probably The Universe’s First Space Hotel To Open In 2027

It’ll be as luxurious and cosy as any other hotel, but just in space!
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‘Welcome to the space hotel. We hope you’re feeling out of the world!’

We think this would be the best way to welcome guests on board this space hotel, what do you say?

The Voyager Station will have over 11,600 square metres of habitable space, with 24 modules, connected by elevator shafts, and will rotate to generate gravity of a level found on the Moon’s surface.

And surely there is no compromise on luxury at this giant-wheel-looking hotel. You can expect many features similar to a cruise ship there, including private villas, hotel suites, gym, restaurants, and a bar. It will also be equipped with 44 emergency return vehicles.

This mega project is to be conducted by the space construction company Orbital Assembly Corporation, and they’ll start building it in the low Earth orbit in 2025 and could be operational in 2027.

It will be assembled in the orbit, and the crew members will live on the station to operate the pods and drones.

The planned elevation for Voyager Station is 97 degrees and it will be 500-550 km from the Earth’s surface. The positioning is such, that the hotel will always be synchronised to always be in the same ‘fixed’ positive relative to the Sun.

This will help in thermal stress reduction as well as allow for solar power generation.

The company has also taken care to keep the orbit degradation and space debris risk nominal.

Let’s hope we all get to fly there because the view would surely be amazing!

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