Ace Your Virtual Job Interviews With These 5 Tips

Ace Your Virtual Job Interviews With These 5 Tips

Here are a few tips to help you to score better during video interviews.
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Preparing for an interview has been a challenge even before COVID hit. What questions will be asked? How should I answer an open-ended question? What should I do to ensure that I stand out from the rest? These questions have been pondering everyone. And in the past year, the system has drastically changed. Apart from everything going virtual it also demanded a lot of strength and creativity from the applicants.  

With everything going virtual and video interviews becoming the new normal, here are a few things that all the candidates must keep in mind.  

Be prepared with your technology

This is about getting the basic requirements for a virtual meeting in place. Check your connection, your audio/video quality, make sure your system is charged and powered up. Make sure that your system is compatible and the app that the interviewer is using is installed and updated.  

Do a thorough check before the interview.  

It’s still a job interview, so treat it like one

All of us have gotten used to casually attending the zoom calls during the lockdown phase. But we’re sure that’s not the first impression you want to create. So make sure that you treat the virtual interview with the same dedication as an in-person interview.  

The two most important thing that you need to keep in mind is, dress smart for the interview and be punctual, as you would for an offline interview.  

Don’t stress over having been laid off

People have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and the recruiters are aware of it. In fact, according to a survey by ResumeGo, 79% of recruiters said that they’re not going to hold it against a potential candidate while the remaining 21% said that they’re more likely to hire candidates that have been laid off.

It has been a stressful year for everyone. You should be concentrating on giving yourself the boost and care instead of putting yourself down. Communicate your problem and expectations clearly. 

Practice your answers and your presence 

This is very important especially during a virtual interview. Because picking up cues that you have in person isn’t possible here. Practice your posture as well because it’s important to show your enthusiasm and awareness even virtually and it is difficult to get it right.  

Always make sure to pull your shoulders back and sit up straight, this conveys your confidence and dedication. If you want to practice you can set up a mock call with a friend.  

Add to your skill sets and knowledge

Adding new skills to your resume will only give the extra boost required. Especially doing it in the lockdown shows your enthusiasm to learn and grow. And gaining knowledge will not only help you grow in your professional life but also in your personal life.  

We hope these tips help you to prepare well. We wish you the very best for your upcoming interviews! 

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