Do You Get Angry Easily? Try This Meditation

Do You Get Angry Easily? Try This Meditation

Blow off the steam, and keep your head cool with this meditation.
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Do you snap too easily? Even when the issue at hand might be something small, you still cannot regulate your anger? If the answer is yes, then the solution is this meditation.

A study in the journal Consciousness and Cognition suggests that even one session of meditation can help reduce your body’s response to anger.

While occasional anger is normal, frequent, and unrestricted outbursts can take a toll on your body and mind.

Here’s what you can do.

Step 1: Get comfortable

From how to sit, where to sit, and what to wear, there should be comfort in every aspect.
How to sit?
You can sit on a chair, with your feet firm on the ground, or sit cross-legged on the floor or lie down.
Where to sit?
Meditation can be practiced in any quiet corner. You do not have to face any particular direction as well.
What to wear?
You do not want to be distracted with uncomfortable clothing while trying to achieve Zen. Anything lose and non-hugging to the body will be perfect.

Step 2: Shut down the outer world

Eyes are the windows to the outer world, but to take a dip within, you need to shut them gently. Slowly rest your gaze and loosen your jaw. Be careful not to shut them tight.

Step 3: Breathe mindfully

Your relaxation begins with this step. The mere act of inhaling and exhaling with closed eyes will calm you down. Begin with normal breathing, do not try to change the pace or intensity. Try to relax each body part with every exhale.

Step 4: Let them come, let them go

Your thoughts will come and go. Do not try to stop or dodge them. Meditation is the divine art of letting go, so let your thoughts come, consume you, and gently leave. Don’t try hard to keep your thoughts on track. When you notice your mind wandering, simply focus on breathing, and in no time, you’ll be back in your meditative zone.

The quiet spaces between your thoughts will become more frequent and longer with regular practice.

Step 5: The finale

Finish stronger than you started, by lifting your gaze very gently. Notice the voices around you. Feel the lightness in your mind and body. Let the state of bliss linger for a moment, stay there.

This 20-minute meditation ritual increases your ability to be less reactive and more responsive.

Alternatively, when a situation gets out of hand, and you feel the rage taking over, you can try this.

Take a smooth, slow breath in, and then exhale. Count each breath, and go from 1 to 10, and then 10 to 1. This will calm the immediate anger and spare you some time to think and calm down.

Don’t let anger be your first response, remember you’re a calm, kind, and peaceful soul.

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