5 Ways To Feel Joy And Find Comfort While Social Distancing

5 Ways To Feel Joy And Find Comfort While Social Distancing

Social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing.
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After experiencing a chaotic year and an ongoing pandemic, we all can agree that it taught us the importance of small moments of joy, that serve as moments of respite during times of struggle. By dwelling less on stress and reflecting on the positives that are taking place in your life, you can help overcome overwhelming feelings of turmoil.

We’ve been distanced from our loved ones, friends, colleagues and the world in general for quite some time now. But the physical distance needn’t translate into the emotional distance. By looking for active ways to connect with your loved ones, you can find moments of respite in such times of loneliness. These small moments are known as “pockets of joy”, little moments of pleasure or happiness that come from small things in life. And by actively searching for these pockets of joy, you can take proactive steps to lift your mood.

Here are 5 ways you can feel joy and find comfort while social distancing.

Make a space for yourself

So your home has been turned into an office, a gym, a baking station, and more. It’s basically been turned upside down since the pandemic hit and that’s completely normal. We’re trying to fit in our normal lives in our small homes but the downside of this can be your lack of focus and increased distractions. Instead, create a space, no matter the size, that can turn into your sanctuary. Add aromatherapy elements like a good diffuser, candles and more to help transform the energy of the space, a place where you can have a moment to yourself to look for inner calm.

Get moving

Even while at home and socially distanced, you need to give your body a burst of movement and a breath of fresh air to help bolster your immune system and well-being. Just a simple lap around the block or a walk in the park can help get you into a better mood. Plugin your favourite music and tune out your worries for that particular time.

Stay connected

Don’t forget that we’re all in this together, experiencing things that may not feel normal but are being felt by most of us. Talking to people you love and trust can help fight feelings of loneliness and help you cope with stress. Not only does this strengthen friendships and feelings of community, but you’ll also connect with others who are going through the same things as you.

Don’t obsess over being positive

This may sound counterintuitive but actively pursuing happiness and positive emotions can lead to the opposite. The more we focus on us being happy, the less we focus on how our actions are affecting the happiness of those around us, which can lead to feelings of isolations and disconnection. If you’re obsessively focused on “I must feel happy”, you may end up feeling worse about yourself if you fail to do so or don’t succeed in finding happiness immediately. Remember that it’s completely natural to have feelings that are difficult to process during stressful times.


You’re constantly in one state of mind, stressed over the happenings of your life. It may be work, relationships, family or things going on at home, these emotions can take up a lot of space in your head. Scheduling time away from these responsibilities, even in small ways such as reading or meditating can help add some joy to your day. Retreat to your sanctuary to have a few moments of joy that are purely for you and see the difference it can make in your life.

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