Did You Know That Spiritual Meditation Helps You Deal With Your Past Trauma?

Did You Know That Spiritual Meditation Helps You Deal With Your Past Trauma?

How does spiritual meditation help you become more aware? Read on to know more.
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What is spiritual meditation?  

Spiritual meditation is an experience and a way of life. In its vast sense it’s about forming a deeper connection with your spirit or individual self. It’s rooted in self-reflection and all-encompassing spiritual awareness. The progress of spiritual enlightenment is slow. Different religions practice this in different ways. Spiritual meditation has a ripple effect. Benefiting not only those who practice but also all those with who they are associated.   

Benefits of spiritual meditation:  
  • Spiritual meditation is deeply rooted in your belief system; therefore, it mentally and emotionally empowers you to realise who you really are.  
  • It assists you to deal with your past trauma by tapping into your inner reservoir of self-healing potential.   
  • Spiritual meditation isn’t about controlling your thoughts, it is about using the power of your thoughts to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   
  • Practicing spiritual meditation relaxes you and helps you get better sleep.  
  • Reduced stress leads to better performance and increased productivity.   
How to get started:  
  1. Find a quiet place where you can sit in silence undisturbed.   
  2. Close your eyes and relax. Pay attention and become one with your surroundings.  
  3. Regulated breathing is the most important part of spiritual mediation.  
  4. While you are breathing think about how you feel. Take in all the positivity and let out all the negativities.   
  5. You can also try humming ‘Aum’.
  6. In the end, say a small prayer of gratitude for yourself, your loved ones, and the world at large.  
  7. Relax. Open your eyes whenever ready.  
Where can you learn spiritual meditation:  

The best way to learn spiritual meditation is to get trained under a spiritual guide or master, either by going to a meditation centre, or you can choose from the many online tools available.   

Here are few:  
  1. SauYoga Spiritual School – Nasik, Maharashtra  
    It’s a global spiritual school teaching the importance of spirituality and practice of meditation. 
  2. Heartfulness Meditation Centre – Bhavnagar, Gujarat  
    It’s a volunteer based not for profit organisation with a vision to spread the message of spiritual growth through meditation.
  3. Infinite Healing – Mumbai, Maharashtra  
    It offers a holistic alternative approach to a healthier lifestyle by adopting yoga and meditation. 
  4. ThinkRight.me – App  
    It uses the power of meditation and different mindfulness techniques to help you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  
  5. Soulvana – App   
    It’s a daily spirituality app that helps you hone the different areas of your life for a happier and healthier you. 

Enhance your emotional and spiritual wellbeing by using this very powerful meditation technique.   

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