How Progressive Relaxation Helps Revitalize Your Brain Cells & Calm the Mind?

How Progressive Relaxation Helps Revitalize Your Brain Cells & Calm the Mind?

Having trouble destressing? Why not try progressive relaxation? Read on to know more.
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It’s normal to feel stressed sometimes but when this stress builds up, it can lead to collected tightness in the body that you may not even realize is stress-related. One of the most effective ways to release this stress and calm the mind is through progressive relaxation, also known as Jacobson’s relaxation technique.

What is Progressive Relaxations?   

Progressive relaxation is an anxiety reduction meditation technique that divides the muscles in different groups and uses the muscle energy to reduce the stress and tension and help the body to naturally relax. Progressive relaxation techniques also helps in loosening these tensed muscles and relax. Especially helps those who suffer from depression, social anxiety disorder and acute stress.

5 Cognitive Ways Progressive Relaxation Techniques Calm the Mind  

All of us feel stressed and it tenses up our body, making us feel tired and lethargic.  

  1. Progressive relaxation techniques helps in relaxing our body muscles and calm the mind.  
  2. It also revitalizes the brain cells to become physically more active.   
  3. Progressive relaxation is especially useful for those who are fighting stress, anxiety, social anxiety disorder, mood disorder.  
  4. It is used along with other techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and systematic desensitization to cure depression and other related disorders.  
  5. It even helps during pre menstrual cycle and reducing menstrual pain, as it helps the muscles relax which helps the blood flow more freely.   
 Progressive relaxation helps you revitalize your brain cells.

How to Get Started?  

  1. Find a quiet place where you are free from distractions.  
  2. You can either lie down on the floor or use a comfortable chair to sit on.   
  3. Put on your headphones and listen to relaxing music.  
  4. Preferably wear loose comfortable clothes and also take off any kind of accessories that you’re wearing.   
  5. Rest your hands on your side if you’re lying down or on your lap if you’re sitting.   
  6. Now, close your eyes and take a few slow, even breaths.   
  7. Now start focusing on different parts of your body from top to bottom. As you focus on one part let your body relax.  
  8. As you continue, imagine all the stress and negativity leave your body completely.  
  9. It’s also possible that you might fall asleep in the process and it’s completely alright.  
  10. Relax, breathe and open your eyes whenever ready.   

Where Can You Learn Progressive Relaxation Technique?  

Progressive relaxation is used as a techniques to cure depression, stress and anxiety and calm the mind. You can also practice it with many available online tools or even with personal instructors in meditation centres. Here are a few:  

Life With Colours – Mumbai, Maharashtra  

Spiritual Souls – Mumbai, Maharashtra  

Ananda Sangha – Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune – App  

FitMind – App  

What is the relaxation technique you use to help you destress?   

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